Normatec-Vasopneumatic Therapy

What Is NormaTec?

Peristaltic Pulse Dynamic Compression, commercially known as NormaTec, is a recovery system that uses pulsed compression that aims to reduce swelling, improve lymphatic return, increase blood flow and reduce pain. Below mentioned are some of the evidence on how useful NormaTec is to aid recovery after exercise.


Benefits of Normatec


Pain Reduction

Peristaltic compression increases circulation and thereby aiding in pain relief.


Range of Motion Improvement

Pulsed compression therapy provides a means of rapidly enhancing acute ROM requiring less discomfort and time which suggests the efficacy of Normatec usage with lower extremity range of motion restrictions due to post operative conditions, sports injuries and with joint effusion (Arthritis).


Reduction of Swelling (Effusion) in Lower Extremity Arthritis

Swelling is the most common symptom of knee osteoarthritis (OA), which negatively affects knee mechanics and muscle activity in patients with OA indicating the need to eliminate the swelling in the early period of rehabilitation. Pneumatic compression with Normatec is based on a passive increase of blood flow by applying external pressure to the extremity. Intermittent pneumatic compression therapy in addition to conventional treatment has significant positive effects on clinical outcomes in patients with knee osteoarthritis by reducing swelling, increasing range of motion and restoring function.


Swelling Reduction

Training results in an inflammatory process with associated edema (or swelling). The symptoms of this inflammation include muscle tenderness, swelling and movement impairment. So, while muscle and joint inflammation are a natural response to intense exercise, this same inflammatory response can inhibit healing at a cellular level. Basically because of this extra swelling after exercise, body finds it a bit more difficult to clear it and as muscle contraction (acting as a local compression pump) is the best way to clear fluid in general, Vasopneumatic compression therapy (NormaTec) which also acts as a compression pump would help massively to move this extra fluid / swelling.


Vascular and Cellular

NormaTec improves peripheral conduit resistance artery function, capillary density and circulating markers of inflammation. Peristaltic Pulse Dynamic Compression affects healthy adults at a cellular level by increasing mRNA patterns and increasing certain anti-inflammatory markers. Exercise induces micro trauma to our muscle, increasing our blood flow and anti-inflammatory markers can only have a positive effect on our recovery.